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Aaron Asaro
The Monk Way
Aaron Boppel
Abbie Sevigny
Alec Kosinski
Alex Therriault
Alison Nason
SJC has made a positive impact on my life and career! I am very grateful to all of the faculty and staff who contributed to my experience. I hope this small donation makes a difference to future students and young leaders.
Alison Wieners
Allison Viger
In honor of The amazing Class of 2024!
Best wishes to the Class of 2024 in all your future endeavors! May your impact on the world be significant!
Allison Yochum
Andrea Vianello
Andrew Vaughan
Anita Wyman
Ann Rosenfield
Anna Brookes
Anna Falasca
I give because I love the SJC community, and the peer mentor program!
Anna Lizotte
Anne Chrzan
For Carmel Miller a student in the BA in Theology student.
Anne Ollmann
Ashley Balaconis
In honor of Dr. Karen Lemke
Barbara Brann-Weir
Barbara Cichocki-Halle
Barbara Deveau
Barbara McClary
Becky Pingree
Saint Joseph's has been a wonderful experience for our daughter!
Becky Thompson
SJC supports the community
Benjamin Chaddock
Bernice E Bradin
Everyone is so dedicated to the SJC community. Keep up the good work
Beth Ann Simno
Beth Yochum
Bettina Aiello
Board of Trustees, Past Board Members, Community Rising Committee
Bob Chaddock
Bob Gerossie
Bob Zilg
Brady Smith
Brandon Cavicchi
Brenda Downey
Brenda Whiting Beard
Brent DeMichael
Brett OKelly
Brooks Rothermel
Go Monks!
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Weaver
Calvin Yochum
Cameron Leeds
Camilla Bridge
As a faculty member, I see first hand how a St. Joe's education gives students the tools, confidence, and moral compass to become positive change-makers in communities that need them so much. We make the world a better place, one student at a time. <3
Can Will actually swim?
Let's go MONKS!
Carl Howell
Carla & Karl Savino
Carol Lachance, RSM
The world needs a place like SJC with it’s mission and values to educate present and future leaders whether it be in health care, education, business, etc…
Carol LeTourneau, RSM
Carol Strobeck
Caroline Golja
Catherine Ryder
Cecilia Martin
Celeste Philibert
I value the education that I received at Saint Joseph's College and hope others have the opportunity to do as well.
Chelsea Welch
In honor of all the staff in the Office of Advancement for all the hard work they do!
Chris Fuller
Chris Theodores
Christina Joyce
In honor of Sr. Mary George O’Toole
Go Monks
Christina Maguire
I believe and honor the mission.
Christine Bartlett
Christopher Willer
SJC is a special place! Go Monks!
Claire Auger
In honor of Sister Mary Carmel
Much success to St Joseph’s now and in the future!
Claire Kubasik
Collin Coppinger
Connor Dufour
My pleasure
Cory Moore
Courtney Pingree
Craig & Angela Becker
Cris Soulia
I give because I can 😀
Crystal Bonias
Cynthia Buoye
Dale Brooker
I give because I believe in the Mission of SJC and the difference this community can and has made in people’s lives. 🙏
Dale Tardif
ST JO’S!!!
Dan McEachin
Dana Vachon
Of the support from teachers and staff… especially Sister Mary George O’Toole and Sister Joyce Mahaney. May God Bless them.
Daniel Katyl
Go Monks!
Danna Finley
In honor of Kelley F
We are so Proud of you. You are Awesome! Congratulations to your next chapter in life
David Bouffard
In memory of Sr. Mary Jude Murray
David Herbein
David Lischer
David Mccarthy
In memory of Sister Consuela
David Pinchbeck
David Roussel
Day Family
Roll Monks!
DeAnn Daigle
In honor of Sr. Simonne Laflamme
Thank you for a wonderful education!
Deanna St Germain
Debra McLaughlin
In honor of Sister Joyce and Sister Mary George for your endless efforts in caring out the mission of the Sister of Mercy!
Thank you SJC !
Devonte Prom
Diane Atwood
In honor of Sister Mercedes Hachey
Doing my part to get Will in the lake!
We are the MONKS!
Donald Flanagan
Donna Crowley
Donna Haley
Donna J Mack
supporting grandson Kolbyn Dunphe & sports program
Donna Royster Tucker
In honor of Davis Tucker 2016
Donna Wilson
I give for the wonderful education that I am so grateful for.
Donna and Bruce Cabral
Dorothy Regan
Doug Kiley
In honor of Bill & Margot Cosentino
Thank you for your commitment to Saint Joe's and the Athletic Program.
Doug Kiley
Dedicated to the Students of Saint Joe's. Thank you for your courage and fortitude. Can't wait until you join the Alumni Association!
Drew Mathieu
Dylan VonderHaar
Edna Flaherty
Eileen Ginnetty
Eli Moore
Elizabeth Mallett
Decades after graduation, SJC is still part of the fabric of who I am. Happy 30th Reunion year to the Class of 1994!
Elizabeth Paroli
Elizabeth Schran
Elizabeth Stark
My daughter loves SJC!
Ellen Theodores
Emily Lesher
Erica Irvin
Eugene Kiley
Frances Wiesen
Courage and hope.
Frances Wiesen
What we do matters.
Francis Morin
Franciska Donato
Frederick Yochum
Our great student athletes deserve our support!
Garrett VanAtta
Glennell Munne
In honor of Joseph Forbes
SJCME was such a life changing experience for me. Carmina Chapp and our course in Rome was transformative.
Gloria Clough
Graeme Thompson
I give because I want to be a MONK someday!
Gregg & Teresa Skinner
St. Joseph continue to pray for us.
Gregory Teegarden
I believe in all that we do at SJC!!
Gretchen Anderson
Griffin Forbes
Gweneth Johnson
SJCME is a great school, a diamond in the rough!
Haley Lang
Haley Nason
Haley Thompson
I give because I want to see Will Rothermel jump in the lake to support SJC Athletics!!
Haley Thompson
I give because I want to invest in the future of our students and our college.
Haley Thompson
I give because I am so incredibly thankful for the support of my colleagues this Giving Day! A HUGE thank you to all our alumni, parents, students, and friends who showed their love and support for SJC today!! THANK YOU!
Haley Thompson
Haley Thompson
I give in honor of the Sisters of Mercy.
Haley Thompson
I am giving AGAIN because we only need 14 (now 13) gifts in order for Will Rothermel to jump in the lake!! Let's make it happen, Monks!
Heather Rumery
Heather and Marty Mullen
Helen Small
Henry & Mary Ann Padgett
Hoping to see the polar plunge!
Howard Kam
In honor of Irene Dickinson, a truly caring and inspirational online faculty member of SJCME. Whose mantra is “As leaders facilitating change, we must be willing to first reckon within so that our external efforts are purposeful and integrated.”
Humberto Dos Santos
In honor of Men’s Soccer
Irene Preuss
J. Bonnie Newman
In memory of William and Louise Newman
Jackie Wilson
Jacob Pelletier
Jacqueline J LeCompte
In honor of Sister Mary George
Excellence in providing a well rounded education and training for achieving career goals! A strong sense of community.
Jaime Stevens
Jake Thibaut
James Kelley
James Paruk
James Walker
In honor of Sister Mary George
Jameson Collins
Jamie Smyth
In honor of Richard and Faith Bailey
Jane Greer
Janet Elwell
For all the student athletes! Go Monks!
Janice Rey
Janie Joyce
Janine Allen
Jasen Hutchinson
Jasmyn Watt
Thank you for all you do!
Jason Farley
Jay Pingree
I love the SJC community !
Jean Lejoie
Jean wheelis
To support Monks soccer!!
Jeanne St Amand
I appreciate the ability to attend exercise classes offered to community.
Jeff & Theresa Moody
Jeff Lake
Jeff Moody
Support the Sisters.
Jenelle Harris
Jenna Chase
Once a Monk, Always a Monk!
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Greslick
Jennifer Lafrance
Jennifer Thibodeau
Jessica Ayo-Rioux
Keep working hard and have fun!
Jessica Dionne
In memory of Amy Whitten Herrick
Jessica Noonan
In memory of Don Tanguay
We give for the great students, staff, and faculty! Keep up the great work and continue to shine! ✨ Go Monks!
Jimmy Riley & Rachel (Pelletier) Riley
We give because SJC has given so much to us, including each other and some of our very best friends.
JoAnn Mower
Joel Berenson
Joel Darby
Johan Erikson
John & Lynda Wilson
John & Nancy Sullivan
In honor of Ryan Sullivan
John Barbati
John Harder
In memory of Sister Ruth Hayden
John Kenneally
In honor of Paula McAuliffe
I believe in Saint Joseph's College.
John Zerillo
John schmitz
Jon Roberts
Thank you to all of our student athletes!
Joseph Cassidy
Everyone matters at SJC!
Joseph Gallagher
Joy Pulsifer
I give because I want to help others complete college!
Joyce Kapalko Carroll
Dedicated to the Sisters of Mercy who believed that women could change the world and sent us out to do just that.
Judith Blackmore
Judith Crager
St. Joe’s is a wonderful school and I’m proud to be a graduate of SJCME.
Judith Ryan
Judy Graham
So proud to be part of this great college!
June Hoffman
Particularly like supporting nursing programs
Karen Croteau
Karen DeMeo
Karen Dostie
In memory of Joseph and Theresa Dostie (parents)
If it were not for my parents supporting and encouraging me to pursue my education, I would not be experiencing the incredible nursing career that I have. My education at SJC provided me with an incredible foundation to build from.
Karen Rogers-Campbell
Karen Shea
Karl Virgin
In honor of Bettina I Virgin
Karli Efron
Rising social work students - keep up the good work!!
Kathleen Dennis
Kathleen Lucas
Kathleen Mulligan
Kathleen Quinn
Kathryn Devaney
Kelly Webster
Kenneth Allt
In memory of Florence Dussault
A nurse...a mother...and a special human being...
Kenneth Marino
In honor of Sister Mary Kneeland
Once a Monk always a Monk!!! Wonderful college turning out top quality people who make a real difference in the lives of others.
Kerry King
Kevin Frazier
Go Monks!
Kim Denman
Kimberly Folke
I love St Joseph's College of Maine. I am so proud to be an alum of this awesome institution. I am teaching Nursing, which is my lifelong dream, thanks to my MSN degree from SJCOM!
Kimberly Russell
My daughter attends
Kristen Crawford
Kristen Stella
In memory of Jerry Bowes
Kristin Soule
In honor of Sister Sylvia Comer
Kristin Yochum
Lacey DeMeo
Larisa Comolli
Laura Sullivan
Lauren Pratt
Laurie Miller
Laurie Nagi
Leanne Burnham
Lillian Donnelly
I am an alumni and believe in the mission of the school
Lillian Souweine
Lindsay Drumm
I give because I support the mission of Mercy that SJC keeps alive!
Lindsay Snyder
The nursing students I teach at SJC are a hard-working group of great people that deserve scholarship assistance if they need it.
Lisa Foley
Let’s go Monks! #notordinary
Liz Wiesen
Lucas Bernacki
I have seen the SJC community make a positive difference in the world.
Lucas Fendl
Luke Nielson
Such an awesome school and community!
Lynn Stewart
I worked in development and understand the value in giving back.
Mame Mynahan Bonneau
Marcus Benson
Margot Cosentino
Go Monks!
Marianne Jordan
In honor of Joseph Gallagher
Marie Snow
In memory of Mary Morabito Cote
Marie Thibodeau
Am proud to be an SJC alumni!!!
Mark Duval
Mark Graham
We love St. Joseph's College of Maine.
Mark Green
For the students
Mark Hibben
Martha Patterson
Outstanding college!
Martina Garifine
Mary (Nee) Clough
In memory of Kathryn and Thomas Nee who made a college education a reality for their children.
Mary Ann Green
Mary Cafiso
Our student athletes are also academic stars! Go Monks!
Mary Duffy
Mary Ellen Cafiso
I give because Saint Joe's is a special place, full of extraordinary and dedicated people. God Bless the Sisters of Mercy!
Mary Ellen Sansoni
If it wasn’t for St. Joseph’s off campus learning program I wouldn’t have gotten my BS in nursing which was always a goal for me. So I am very grateful.
Mary Fasulo
As a Sister of Mercy, it is my fervent desire that St. Joseph’s College of Maine continue as a strong source of education for many future students.
Mary Hoppe-Coakley
To give back for a great education!
Mary Lou Labrecque Labrecque
In honor of Christine M. Labrecque
Mary Morey
Mary Rowland
I was able to advance my career thanks to my degree
Mary and Bernard Bernacki
Congratulations new President and Continuing Dedicated Faculty and Staff!
Maryann Lovelidge
Marybeth McNamee
Matt Thompson
Matthew Ginnetty
In honor of Sister Mary Kneeland
Matthew Morse
Matthew Richardson
Maureen (McCarthy) O’Rourke and Kenneth O’Rourke
In honor of The class of 1980- with gratitude
I give because I am grateful for the education and lifelong friendships formed at SJC. I give because the Sisters of Mercy were amazing teachers and mentors. I give in loving memory of at Consuela and Sr. Mary Kneeland.
Maureen Reis
Max Cassidy
McKenna Smith
Meg Shorette
Look and move forward in this world with kindness and intention, SJC grads!
Megan Baker
Go monks field hockey & all love for sports info!
Megan Levesque
In honor of Sports Information
Melissa Coleman
Melissa and Jim Dlugos
Michael Burleson
Lets go!!
Michael Griffin
Michael Page
Michael Theriault
I love seeing students enjoy all SJC has to offer!
Michael Vona & Patricia (Brackett) Vona
In memory of Sister Sylvia Comer, RSM
I give to continue to support Catholic Education
Michelle Laughran
In memory of Sr. Sylvia Comer & Sr. Mary Kneeland
Michelle Wescott
Mike & Margaret McDevitt
Mike Hay
In memory of In memory of Jon Waldron, Mike Fiore and Steve McGinn
Mike Shea
Mike and Cynthia Mulhare
Monique LaRocque
Monique LaRocque
Crossing the finish line and cheering for the polar plunge!!
Monique LaRocque
I believe in SJC!
Must see Will take the plunge!
I believe in what SJC stands for.
Mylan Bannon
I believe in SJC!
Nancy Cabelus
I gave for the future of SJC students.
Nancy Kristiansen
Nancy Pagurko
Natalie Sheldon
Nathan Nelson
Nick Loupe
Oliver Thompson
I give because I hope I will be a future Monk someday!
Pamela Thompson
Pat Gould
A visit to campus makes you realize how important the college has been to my professional accomplishments and life-long friendships and emphasizes why continuing support to St. Joe's is both meaningful and necessary.
Pat Regan
Patricia Mooney
Patricia Stack
Paul Haynes
In honor of Steve McGinn
Pauline Wilson
Peter Yochum
Priscilla Davis
Priscilla and David Caza
Quentin Magnell
In honor of Patrick, Shea and Mackenzie Woodard
Rachel Gardella
Rachel Katyl
In honor of my amazing colleagues!
Honored to be part of the Institutional Advancement team at SJC and excited for our best Giving Day yet!
Randy Prouty
Randy and Debbie Moore
We give because we love that SJC is part of our Standish/Windham community and want to support all the wonderful students who call SJC home!
Regina Pilatti
Regina Smick-Attisano
In honor of Class of 2020 especially Dr. MaryClaire Attisano
Here's to the Class of 2020 who never experienced their graduation from SJC.
Renee LeBrun
In memory of Sr. Mary Kneeland
I worked for for Sr. Mary Kneeland as a student. She managed the bookstore. She was a generous and lovely woman. We continued our friendship when I came back to work in the marketing department. Great times; productive times.
Rev. Benjamin Roberts
Rev. Jean Marchant
Richard Bailey
In honor of Faith Hanley Bailey
My wife Faith and I had many, many wonderful years working at the college and the least we can do is continue to support it.
Richard Kiley
In honor of Gene Kiley III
Doug Kiley is relentless. And we love him.
Richard Ruane
Richard Whitmore
In honor of Katie Whitmore
Riley Bell
Rob Poissant
St. Joseph College is Catholic and the Faith we profess is lived in a community
Robert Chaddock
Robin Haley
Robin McGuinness
I give because I want the Nursing program to continue to excel.
Rosemary Conway
Russell Podgorski
Sandra Bowen
Sandra Therriault
Sarah McEachin
our students make a difference!
Sarah Nelson
Sharon Capps
Sharon Koob
Shawn Sheehan
So proud of our amazing students.
Sheri Piers
Go Monks!!!!!
Shiela Sheehan
The students of SJC are the best and I want them to be the best 😀
Simon Gonzalez
Sister. Mary Miller
Sophia Viger
Spencer Kiley
Spencer Nagi
Sr. Carol LeTourneau, RSM
Sr. Ellen Turner, RSM
Sr. Janet Campbell, RSM
Sr. Maria Ricci, RSM
Sr. Marilyn Sunderman
In honor of In gratitude to all who live out the Mercy mission at SJC so wonderfully well!
Sr. Maureen Wallace RSM
I love St. Joe’s! Great education that gave me a strong foundation for Fordham graduate program.
Sr. Patricia Pora, RSM
Stefania Strzalkowska
Stephanie Briggs
Stephanie Feyler
Go Monks!!
Stephanie Porciello
I love Sister Mary George!
Stephen Sansevere
Appreciation of my educational experience at St. Joseph’s Colleger
Steve Jury
Steven Bridge
I love SJC!
Susan Bacher
Susan Bonner Dearborn
In memory of Sr. Mary Jude Murray
Susan Jamison
Susan McAuliffe
SJC has been a blessing in my life.
Susan Whitty-Kennedy
Saint Joseph's college was a wonderful college to receive my BSN. So supportive and loving.
Suzanna Barrett
Love the caring community!
Tara Navick
Tara Travers
Tatyanna Seredin
Terese Myatt
In memory of Ryan Sullivan
The Bison Herd
Our students matter.
The Howe Family
The power of the buffalo!
Monks matter.
Theda Logan
In memory of John Logan, my husband who died in 2012…..gone but never forgotten.
Theodore Doucette
Saint Joseph's College of Maine, the Sisters of Mercy, and the Legendary Father John Tokaz have all been positive, inspirational forces that have all helped make me who I am today and have all influenced my outlook on life and positive worldview.
Theresa Arsenault
Gave me experience, learning opportunities, and friendships. Hope it can help others have the same opportunities!
Thomas Driscoll
Thomas Hall
Because Saint Joseph's College of Maine is an excellent school, and my son is very happy with the education he has received there!
Thomas Rabbitt
In memory of Virgil Rabbitt (Son)
Thomas Roche
I Love my St Joe's community
Tiffany Mears
Tim Kirk
Our Grandson is in his Freshman year and we are very proud Grandparents of his achievements at such a fantastic institution like St Joes.
Tina Charpentier
In honor of Susan Michel
Tom Dann
The college is such a special place because of the students, athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff I get to interact with each and every day... all this in an incredibly beautiful setting.
Troy Hendricks
I hear Sebago Lake is warm this time of year! Let’s go Monks!
Troy Hendricks
Of our amazing students, faculty, and staff!! GO MONKS!
Troy Hendricks
I give because I believe in the amazing community we have here on the shores of Sebago Lake. I want to ensure that current and future students can find successful during and even after their time here at SJC! Once a Monk Always a Monk!
Valerie Romero
I give because I am proud to be a part of the SJC Community. RAs are an integral part of our community. I see you!
Vanessa Cassidy
Victoria Bernier
I give to continue to support this community of dedicated, passionate, and caring students, staff, and faculty. Go Monks!
Vincent Palange II
I give because SJC is a special place where young men and women can learn values that will last a lifetime.
Virginia Gengler
Wendy Galgan
Will Rothermel
In honor of our incredible student-athletes!
William Cosentino
In honor of All the student-athletes who work so hard in the classroom, in the pool, on the courts and fields, and on the hill!
I give because our students deserve an incredible college experience here at SJC!
William Gordon
Let's Go SJC !!
William Wood
Younton Doe
Cheryl michael
Gus ford
Jacqui Jurga
Joanne Bean
In honor of In honor of the Sisters of Mercy and talented Advancement Team
Lynn downie
In memory of 1SG Ernest Utt
Mary mulrow
Thank you St. Joseph's 1980 was the best
Nga Goodahl
Nga Goodahl
Susan healy
I give because everyone deserves a chance at a good education
I learned so much.
I give because SJC is a special place filled with special people!
I give because I love SJC! Go MONKS!
Go Monks!
Maines only beautiful, Catholic, private College on Sebago Lake
We believe in the St. Joseph's College and what it offers and represents.
I give in honor of Coach Tom Dann and Coach Mike Burleson!!
Go Monks!
I give because SJC is SO close to it's Giving Day goal!!! Congratulations!
Go Monks
Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
Attn: Office of Institutional Advancement, 278 Whites Bridge Rd, Standish, ME 04084
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